Chief Group Services provide a broad range of integrated services to strata buildings.

Strata complexes and gated communities often employ a security company to ensure the safety of the building and to monitor after-hours entry. Surveillance and static security are recommended to the strata sector to protect tenants, property and possessions. Our services come highly recommended for providing a security presence within strata buildings.

Strata buildings and office spaces require regular cleaning and servicing of common areas which may include entry ways, communal gyms, playgrounds, laundries and areas which are frequented by a number of tenants and landlords. A dedicated team of professional cleaners will be deployed to meet the cleaning requirements of your strata building or development.

Maintenance to strata buildings can be ongoing in terms of maintaining communal spaces, gyms, pools and grounds. In addition to this, a handyman can be on site for any emergencies concerning gates, locks, lights or any faults that fall under the responsibility of the Strata Management.

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