Our Promise: Safety, professional practices
and reliability.

First and foremost, we excel in providing safe and effective corporate security services to properties and assets – 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. With this role comes physical and mental challenges which our staff are equipped to manage to ensure they can provide property, asset and personal safety at all times.

We provide ongoing training and support for all of our security personnel to guarantee a premium security service to cater to each of our client’s unique requirements. To complement this, our security personnel are aware of their surroundings and are proficient in sensitive public relations.

Each security employee is hired upon the basis that they qualify for our rigorous employment criteria and they comply with health and safety legislation and fire safety. Our 24/7 manned control room which has access to sites across Australia makes Chief Group Services a premier security provider.

Corporate Security

Chief Services Group are enlisted to provide services by a Corporate Security Officer and their team to ensure the safety and security of staff and assets. Security personnel are present to uphold a professional image, maintain a presence to ward off illegal activity and to meet the standards outlined by the corporation.

Our team of highly experienced and impeccably presented Security Guards provide security and reception-cover services for various sectors. These corporate security services include:

Government Departments and Institutions
Railways and Corporate Facilities
 Hospitals and Health Centres
 Council Properties and Complexes
 Corporate and Private Buildings
 Sporting Stadiums and Training Facilities

Retail & Commercial Security

Retail & Commercial sectors generally enlist Chief Group Services for static security requirements. These security services include surveillance, patrolling and adhering to static security protocols as outlined by security licencing laws.

Our static security guards are professionals in what they do and are in constant communication with Chief Group Services, providing discreet and safe procedures to deliver comprehensive security solutions to clients. As a complementary addition to our static security services we can provide complete risk assessments and advise on the necessary protocols to minimise company losses and damages.

Our static security professionals provide services to:

 Shopping Centres and Facilities
 Markets, Plazas and Arcades
 Car Yards and Car Parks
 Gate Houses and Factories
 Private Commercial and Residential Properties

Aviation Security

At Chief Group Services we specialise in a niche sector of security – Aviation Security. From passenger screening to baggage checks and the monitoring of restricted items as well as safeguarding access points to restricted areas, we provide safety and security for airlines, passengers and crews. Our staff, who are highly trained security personnel, are enlisted to monitor and enforce compliance measures with international aviation standards.
For security at airports, our team are well-trained in conducting comprehensive security measures to protect airport infrastructure, passengers and staff. With the skills to mitigate security risks complementing the use of the latest technologies, Chief Group Services can assist you with your aviation security requirements ensuring smooth day to day operations of any airport.

Control Room Operations

Chief Group Services boasts its very own control room which is manned 24/7 by Chief Security Personnel. Control Room Operators are trained to assess, review and react to any suspicious or illegal activity witnessed in real-time.

Control Room Operators are vital in aiding Static Security Guards with assistance. Control Room Operators can also monitor performance, deployment and rostering of Security personnel at all times for quality assurance. This monitoring also leads to other performance enhancement practices which track and log operational systems, the ability to suggest service improvements and to avoid losses to property and assets.


As part of Chief Group Services full circle security solutions, concierge services have become widely used by our corporate clients. Concierge services include front desk services, Valet Drivers for large events, corporate car parks and car park management for Council and Government agencies.

All Concierge security services are carried out by trained, licensed corporate security professionals with current Australian Drivers Licences and proficiently qualified in the use of management software programs.

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