Retail shopping centre security Brisbane: we protect your business

December 21 2020

When we think of shopping centre security in Brisbane, we assume that the sole purpose of its existence is to provide safety to shopping patrons. Whilst this makes up a large portion of...

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Why technology is a key driver of Chief Group Services’ corporate security in Brisbane

December 18 2020

The security industry has become heavily reliant on technology. It has proven to be a strong contributor in delivering the most accurate and secure solutions for clients. Had it not been for the development of...

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Prevent employee fraud with the aid of our leading corporate security Sydney services

December 16 2020

Employee fraud is an impeding risk. The potential of it occurring at the workplace is a strong possibility that is faced by almost every company. It can result in devastating impacts for Sydney businesses, especially...

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How to become a static security guard in Sydney

December 14 2020

To become a static security guard in Sydney, you must first and foremost enrol yourself in a security training course. Through this program, you should be able to accumulate both the...

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Future of Security: How you could enhance your security guard services in Sydney with AR & VR

December 11 2020

Revolutionary technology developments have accelerated the speed and effectiveness of security companies in Sydney. In the future, this trend does not appear to diverge as the...

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Why employing static security guards in Brisbane is more cost-efficient than you think

December 9 2020

The core value provided by all static security guards in Brisbane (and everywhere else) is the sense of personal safety and protection. Whilst this is actual fact, their service provisions...

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Railway security guard services in Brisbane

December 7 2020

There are many issues that can arise on a railway station and in most cases, it requires the interference of security for resolve. For the security companies in Brisbane that are employed at one of...

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Chief Group Services for hire: strata building security in Sydney

December 4 2020

Strata complexes and gated communities frequently utilize security guard services in Sydney to guarantee the wellbeing of their property and to protect it during the after-hours. This ensures the...

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Plan your post-COVID crowd control procedures with the help of our security company in Sydney

December 2 2020

The COVID-19 chapter is finally making its way to a close in Sydney, and we can expect, sooner rather than later, that large gatherings will once again...

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