Chief Group Services are a premier integrated service provider to the Aviation Sector.

The Aviation sector is a high stakes area which requires thorough security and screening in-line with regulations and protocols as outlined by the governing bodies. Our professional teams of security experts are deployed to the aviation sector on a strict experience and training basis. Our staff adhere to the standard safety protocols and ensure protection and wellbeing of all airport staff and travellers at all costs.

Cleanliness is vital in high traffic areas such as airports which require constant cleaning of high contact surfaces to minimise the outbreak of viruses and germs. Our team of cleaners manage the cleanliness of public restrooms, food courts and public spaces to ensure cleaning standards are met and exceeded in all areas.

For processes that cannot afford to be slowed down or go offline, maintenance services are vital for the efficient running of airports and affiliated businesses. We provide a team of highly experienced experts to cater to the building maintenance requirements of the aviation sector.

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