Getting Help From The Right Type Of Professional For You

October 15 2021

When you reach out to a security company for help managing the safety of your staff, assets, and business, it's critical that you get the right services for your needs. However, when that's not always an easy decision to make, especially when it comes time to choose between whether you need a security guard or a security officer. Fortunately, our team has years of experience in our field, and we might be able to help you come to the right decision without it being too difficult.

It's More Than Just A Game Of Semantics
From the outside looking in, a security officer and a security guard might seem to look the same. They'll both generally work towards keeping your business safe from all sorts of external threats and will even work together to get the job done, but the way they go about those tasks is completely different. Depending on the needs of your business, either one of these professionals might be the better choice for you, or you may even find that you benefit most from both.

Security Guard At The Front Door
Security guards can be considered to be the base unit of your security force. A security guard is typically posted at one of numerous checkpoints of your site, whether that's at the customer entry, the registers, or at an elevator, amongst others. A security guard works to their security management plan. Their job is not to create the plan, but to merely trust in it and to execute it perfectly. If all you're looking to do is keep stock from magically disappearing off your shelves at the pace of a slow trickle, then putting a single security guard at your exit.

But They Do Say The Pen Is Stronger
If you're looking for anything that's more heavy-duty than that, though, you might need to consider hiring a security officer instead. A security officer is effectively trained in all of the same skills as a security guard and can be posted as simply a more independent guard who is more likely to think on their feet, but their real strength lies in their managerial prowess. A security officer is the brains of your security solution, and will be the individual responsible for writing your security management plan. If you're working with multiple security guards, a security officer will allow themselves to become mobile, rotating through checkpoints and key areas of interest to make sure your security remains airtight.

You Can't Go Wrong With The Professionals
Don't chance getting it wrong with your security solution. With Chief Group Services, you can rest easy every day knowing your business is as safe as it can be. To get in touch with us about building security in Brisbane, contact us on 1300 848 698.


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