Engaging in crisis management with corporate security in Brisbane

September 18 2020

Crisis management is a process that assists corporations in handling disruptive, hazardous, and unforeseeable events which pose a direct threat to the business and its...

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Concierge security services in Sydney amidst the Coronavirus

September 16 2020

Concierge security services are a much in demand element of the security industry. In fact, demand for such services has increased substantially and Chief Group Services is in an...

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An introduction of our static security guards in Sydney

September 14 2020

Static security guards are everywhere these days. They take post inside and outside banks, at convenience stores, patrolling industrial areas and housing estates...

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Why you need Chief Group of Services’ security guard services in Brisbane

September 11 2020

In metropolitan cities like Brisbane, security guards are required to provide protection to both infrastructures and people. The mere presence of physical security acts as a deterrent...

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The importance of commercial building maintenance companies in Sydney 

September 9 2020

Sydney is the designated financial capital of Australia and highly attractive for investors looking to set up presence in the country. Demand for commercial buildings is progressively...

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The purpose of hiring shopping centre security in Sydney

September 7 2020

Shopping centres are a significant part of our infrastructure and a place of regular visits for shopping, entertainment or to hang out with family and friends. They are aesthetically...

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The impact of IoT on building security in Brisbane

September 4 2020

Kevin Ashton, co-founder of the Auto-ID (Automatic Identification) Centre at MIT, made the statement “internet of things” in the year 1999. His definition of IoT was based on...

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The impact of COVID-19 on commercial cleaning services in Sydney

September 2 2020

As an experienced commercial cleaning service provider, Client Group Services promised its clients, attention to detail, discretion and sustainable cleaning practices delivered by...

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