What Skills Does A Security Guard Require?

October 8 2021

A security guard is right at home almost anywhere in the commercial world. Need someone to make sure your retail store doesn't become the next victim of a string of robberies? A security guard can help. Concerned about corporate espionage? A security guard can help. Hosting a wild game night party at your pub and you're a little worried about how your patrons are going to behave with some alcohol in them? You can bet your bottom dollar that a security guard will excel in that situation. Whether you're considering hiring a security guard or you're interested in becoming one yourself, all of these jobs require the same set of skills that help ensure security professionals are equipped for any challenge.

Eyes Up, Guardian
In the first of the more obvious skills, a security guard should be able to maintain a certain high level of alertness at all times. Security guards need to be on the lookout for suspicious activity, and don't have time for being distracted by the little things. That alertness can directly assist in making sure the security guard is ready to rapidly react, which can help minimise damage to your business and any threat that may have been posed to your patrons and staff.

Liar, Liar
Honesty is an important character trait in any security professional. Not only do you need to be able to trust them yourself, but they also need to be able to emit a comforting and safe aura to your customers and your staff, which means they need to be honest. Without that honesty, not only is the person culpable for keeping your business safe likely to start causing damage themselves, they might throw open the door for other unsavoury characters, and you're going to quickly take a hit to your finances, your reputation, or both.

How, then, does one identify honesty? During the interview phase, an honest individual will present themselves in a well-dressed manner. They will be able to maintain eye contact, and they won't give you any reason to question them and their motives. If they seem like a good fit for your business, it's very likely that they will be.

You Look Taller
The physical nature of the job demands that a good security guard is able to maintain their fitness levels. They might need to run, they might need to physically restrain someone. In either case, if they're unfit, they'll be at an immediate disadvantage, and that can put lives at risk. At the same time, being unfit can dampen the mind, too, which will reduce the alertness that they need to maintain, so it's critical that a security guard is in good health. If you're looking for a reputable security guard to help protect your building, your staff, and your patrons, you won't need to look any further than the amazing team here at Chief Group Services. To get in touch with us about building security in Brisbane, contact us on 1300 848 698.


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